Your Newest Christmas Album

Do you need a new Christmas album to listen to? Download this one. It benefits the Community Action Services and Food Bank. You would be supporting a great organization and local musicians! Plus, you get to see the cover art I made. It'll be in your iTunes albums and you can think, 'Hey, I know who her!' Get A Red Cardigan Christmas on iTunes now. Merry Christmas.


The lights are my stars now.

I'm obsessed with this commercial. Seriously. There are so many things about it. Ben Gibbard in the background, the city lights, adorable Billy Pierce and stargazing. I love this city and the new stars I have.


How To Survive A Hurricane

Nothing fazes New Yorkers. That's what I learned from Super-storm Sandy. (Does anyone else find this name hilarious or is it just me?) We were so very lucky that all we had to deal with were some inconveniences. In order to not go stir-crazy, we decided to leave the apartment and cross the Williamsburg bridge into Manhattan. It turned out to be an exhausting adventure but I love the chance to get to know my neighborhood a little better and see how NY reacts to disaster. It's very organized and people just deal with it. I felt  very proud. So don't worry, I'm still alive!


Efterklang in Concert

Remember that time I said I would post about the Efterklang concert I went to? Here it is, finally. I woke up on a Tuesday super pumped because of the new albums I'd be able listen to on Spotify that day. But then, I found out I could just go down to the Apple store in SoHo and listen to Efterklang perform their new music LIVE! I love living in New York for this very reason! It turns out that the band went to a deserted mining town deep in the Arctic Circle and recorded sounds they created with the ruins they found. They used this as the foundation for their album. It felt like I was being led on tour down through Piramida. 

This is SoHo.

This was my view.
This is Casper Clausen.

These are musicians with mustaches aka, hipsters at their finest.

This is Katinka Fogh Vindelev. Her voice is mesmerizing.

The end.


The Power of Vulnerability

I've been working on design stuff for a few weeks and I keep looking for ways to keep myself entertained while still being able to focus. After going through hours of music, I've discovered my new favorite audio background: TED Talks. I've listened to them before and they are always insightful. BrenĂ© Brown's talk on vulnerability was my favorite from today. The second is her follow-up, equally excellent talk.


New Music: Mumford & Sons + Efterklang

It's New Music Tuesday, and it's a good one! I'm so beyond excited that the newest Mumford & Sons album has finally dropped today! I've been impatiently waiting ever since they announced it. This album will not disappoint you. If you've never listened to Mumford & Sons, you need to rectify this situation immediately.

If you have already listened to Babel and want more new music, please consider listening to Efterklang. They are a Danish band based out of Berlin and create beautiful sounds. I haven't listened to the new album yet because I'll do doing so later today, while they perform it LIVE. I can't wait to hear  it. Stay tuned for more on how it goes.